Use Cases

NPS, CSAT, and other CX measures

CX.AI is designed work with all of them. All it takes to uncover eye-opening insights is some kind of quantitative CX measure and qualitative text feedback.

Most of our clients collect feedback in monthly, quarterly, biyearly or yearly waves. In this frequency we take the data, run the CX.AI process and update our interactive dashboard.

But if you have the need to categorize your customer feedback real-time or over night, be assured that we will do it for you – with the best quality on the market.

Touchpoint CX and Customer Journey Mapping

Beside general CX surveys, companies research important customer touchpoints. With CX.AI we take each of them under the lens. Right at your fingertips in our interactive dashboard.

Customer Journey Mapping connects the touchpoints in order to find weak spots and bottlenecks. We take customer journey data to map out main customer routes. With this you can find and fix the leaking bottlenecks in your journey with CX.AI.


We launched CX.AI in the insurance industry and it is still one of our core competencies. We work for major players like Allianz or MetLife. This focus enables us to gain a detailed knowledge in the language insurance customers are using, the issues insurance customers are raising or the context in which insurance customers show involvement.

What came apparent over dozens of models is that it is not just a great service that keeps the customer on the hook. There are specific, mostly hidden factors that somehow differ in every product group.


Software and SaaS is a category of its kind. Users are often quit involved and speak domain specific languages and abbreviations. Conventional text analytics fail in this domain miserably. Not so with CX.AI. Watch this presentation from Dr. Rajul Jain from MICROSOFT about her experience with CX.AI


Even device brands are surveying their “product owners” to better understand the customer experience. More an more devices are connected and the experience is based on an digital service. One of the first users of CX.AI was SONOS. See here a presentation with Dennis Brosnan from SONOS at ESOMARs Global Conference.


This industry is well research because if its huge numbers of customer contacts. Even more interesting that Causal AI can find incredibly useful insights. 2013 we help T-Mobile to use the strategy that mad it double its revenue. Now with CX.AI we recently performed an industry study finding that there are major differences in what gets you more customer and what makes them stick.

Many more

Many more industries using CX.AI. From Retail, E-Commerce to Hotel and Travel.

Some brands even leverage the same technology to track and research drivers of brand consideration.

Also companies starting recently to use CX.AI on employee satisfaction studies.