Based on visitors text feedback, AI understands the meaning on-scale, then discovers which 1 or 2 next actions will ultimately boost your bottom-line.

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Sick of A/B testing?

You can only test what you know goes wrong. Imagine someone could point you to the one unknown powerful twist.

Ask visitors two simple question!

Collect visitors feedback as open text. Link what he said to what he did afterwards. Did he find products? Did he buy?

Using AI to understand what drives success

CX.AI uses text analytics to not only understand what visitors saying. It uses “Causal AI” to reveal hidden powerful nuggets about the WHY.

All insights in a simple interactive dashboard

Among 50 to 100 themes visitors raise, just 1, 2 or 3 are those magical topics to act on. Review, simulate, predict with a powerful dashboard.

Improve conversion rates

Let visitors find what they want. Describe products so they click. Eliminate purchase barriers.

Case Study - PDF download

Find out what to sell

Customers have unknown expectations. We find for you those that make visitors stay.

Make customers spend more

What is evidently increasing ticket or foster cross-selling.

Drive recommendations

What is making or braking customers recommendations. Find seldom mentioned,  yet super-powerful actions.

Case Study SONOS - PDF download

Make visitors & customers return

CX.AI asks first visitors and returners and apply AI to understand what makes returners come back.

Let visitors find what they want

Most visitors leave you at the landingpage, because the do not find what they are looking for. CX.AI changes this.

Improve products descriptions

Which details of a product desciption drive purchase? To much text, wrong pictures. CX.AI finds out.

Case Study UDEMY - PDF download

Eliminate barriers to purchase

Amazingly simple things can ruin the checkout process. We find those unknown barriers that can best predict dropoffs.

Boost trial to purchase conversion

Why do some trials convert and others don’t? Find out those tweaks that drive more purchases.

Boost Conversion Rates with the Power of AI

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Boost Conversion Rates with the Power of AI More and more business models rely on the digital channel. No matter if you sell physical products, online fitness courses or you…